March 31, 2017

Movecoach Success Story: Monica Martines

Written by Jennifer Van Allen
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monmartinesMonica Martines
R&D Operations Excellence Manager

Favorite fitness activity: spin class

Incredible comeback: In 2011, I was 10 days out from the Seattle Marathon, my 10th, where I was hoping to shave 2 minutes off my PR to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I had just completed my last 10- mile run. I was on the phone, distracted for a split second and fell down a flight of stairs. I broke my fibula in the places and my foot was dislocated from my ankle. It was one of the worst breaks the ER doctor ever saw.  Once released from the hospital I started physical therapy. I had a wonderful physical therapist and a trainer who helped me to use crutches, learn how to walk, and slowly get back to my regular self.  Although they told me running career was over and I was devastated about that, I knew my body was taking a beating from the 160 and more miles I logged every month.  My orthopedist kept telling me that I MUST stop running and heal my body.

The accident was the end of a great running career. But then I rediscovered cycling,  which I had given up decades ago when I became addicted to long-distance running. Cycling made me feel whole again. Swimming helps too but the permanent titanium plate and 10 screws in my ankle cramps up quite a bit when I’m in the water.

What’s the secret to your success? Being VERY disciplined by planning my day to include working out, eating well, and getting rest. I prep my nutrition needs the day before for my next day's activities.

What’s the biggest obstacle to moving more and how do you get over it? My work schedule can be very hectic and sometimes I have to rearrange my daily morning workout to later in the day or defer it to another day. Even a quick 15-minute walk or climbing stairs at my office is better than nothing.

What’s the most rewarding part of the Challenge? Getting high fives from my colleagues from all over the world is a lot of fun. I really enjoy updating my training on a daily basis and seeing my and my colleague's achievements. I love getting the kudos and the recognition.

What advice would you give to your fellow challengers? Plan to succeed and you will. Don't sweat the small stuff and get right back into the program if every goal is not attained. Get a routine so that good habits are formed. Don't harp on getting sidelined. Be patient, add variety to your daily routine, and try joining a group. Having a great social bond with others is so much fun.

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