June 15, 2017

Movecoach Success Story: Cassandra Wilson

Written by Jennifer Van Allen
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Cassandra Wilson knows that the rewards of moving more transcend any single workout.  

“I am stronger, I have greater endurance, and I’m proud of all that I’m investing into my fitness while still feeling like I’m being a good mom, wife, and employee,” she says.

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Cassandra Wilson
Sr. Program Manager, GTO (HR)

Favorite Fitness Activity:
TRX classes and walking in the park with my family

What is the secret to your success? Signing up for workout classes and blocking the time on my calendar. It reduces the number of excuses I have and the classes keep me motivated.

What is the biggest obstacle to moving more and how do you overcome it? My biggest obstacle to moving more is a shortage of time. I set a goal to attend one workout class a day, Monday through Friday, and I sign up for the classes by Sunday night so that the time is blocked on my calendar. I try to do mornings so that I keep evenings for my family and unwinding after work. As long as I don't have to take early meetings, it works well!

What is the most rewarding part of this challenge? The most rewarding part of this challenge is seeing myself make progress and stick with it!  I can go up more flights of stairs, take longer walks with my family, carry my son around for longer, recover much more quickly from my workouts, clock the best time in my TRX-Circuit class, and, most notably, run the Bay to Breakers race this year with my best time ever—even after 3 weeks of not working out. I feel so much better and see results in my workouts as I add weight and improve my form and bounce back by lunchtime after working out really intensely in the morning.

What advice would you give to your fellow challengers? My advice is to keep trying and don't be afraid to adjust your goals if you need to. 

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