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January 03, 2011

Claudia Becque - In the Hunt

Written by Claudia Becque

CB_NBSVLeaving The Windy City for the Golden State in Hopes That Dreams DO Come True.....


I'll never forget driving to Chicago's Midway Airport on that early November morning, saying goodbye to my family and friends, and leaving all that I have known as home for 34 years.  Since meeting Tom at the Men's Olympic Trials in 2007 and becoming a member of Focus-N-Fly, I have dreamt of being able to live and train in the Golden State. 

As each November would approach, inevitably I would start to wonder, “how am I going to reach my goals training in this horrible cold weather.”  I am sure that Tom was starting to wonder if I just did a copy and paste in my log, as every entry read the same, “XX mile run into 25 mph wind gusts, 20 below zero.  Not a fun run.”

Every elite athlete would espouse how running in these harsh weather conditions would make me tough when race day would arrive, a la Rocky IV.  Of course I didn't see any of them logging miles on Chicago's lakefront in February. So,every day, my husband would hear the grunts as I proceeded to don my three to four layers and head out to the path for another long run.  I needed a change.

I needed... run without four layers of clothes on and icicles on my eyelashes. do less laundry (four layers for two runs/day equals way too much laundry for one person).

...more hills, and overpasses don't count!

...more trails and beautiful spots to train. see my coach 2-3x week vs 2-3x year.

What I really needed was to fall in love with running again.   So, with the boxes packed, the good-byes said and the winter clothes hidden away, the journey to start my new life in Cali was set to begin.


Two months in, I am feeling stronger, healthier and have found my love of running that was lost under a two foot Chicago snowbank. I am looking forward to testing the California me at the Houston Marathon on January 30. Stay tuned...

Last modified on March 31, 2011