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February 01, 2011

Claudia Becque - In the Hunt....pre-race

Written by Claudia Becque

Patience, Trust, Confidence

The final three weeks before the big day. Reflecting on my short and sweet training cycle, three words continually surface in my mind from my training runs and races: patience, trust and confidence.  These three words will keep me focused for the 26.2 mile endeavor I will embark on.


The key ingredient to racing success and the most difficult to achieve.  My best workouts have all begun with patience, going out slower than I think I should and finishing strong.  It is amazing the enjoyment and confidence a workout can provide when you have the mental and physical energy left in the tank to bring 'er home.  A recent 10 mile race during my peak training showed what happens when you forget this and try and push when you shouldn't and struggle home. That is a memory that I will draw on early in the marathon and hold back even if I feel good.


Trust my coach... Trust your plan... Trust my training... I have relentlessly followed the plan to the last mile and workout for months on end, so why question it now. I have surrounded myself with people to instruct me in what will make me most successful on race day. Early on in working with Tom I ran a half marathon a month before the Napa Valley Marathon and he had me rest for three days after, something I never would have done and somewhat questioned at the time. “How am I suppose to run well at Napa if I am resting and not running hard???” I went on to run a huge PR in Napa and never questioned again. Trust the plan.  I just finished my mini break after my 10 mile preparation race leading into my final marathon pace workout and I nailed it. Maybe there is something to this believing in your plan?!?


The one common quality all the runners I idolize possess.  I hear it in their post race interviews, the ones believe they have the most heart to push when their legs are screaming ends up on the podium. They believe in themselves and all the work leading up to it. I know that going into Houston injury free and healthy will deliver the race I am dreaming of. Everything that I will encounter in the race I have experiences to draw from and push me through. I will toe the line more confident than I ever have, fearing nothing.

As the old saying goes, “ Third Time is a Charm.”   It's my third marathon in the last twelve months,  Chicago being three months ago.  Will Houston be my Charm I have been wanting for some time now?

My legs are ready, my head is ready, lets go!  

Last modified on March 31, 2011