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June 12, 2017

Runcoach Success Story: Jorge Cortes

Written by Jennifer Van Allen
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Just three years ago, Jorge Cortes had no running experience, and was completely out of shape. Then he used Runcoach to train for the Aramco Houston Half Marathon. Today, he's a Boston Qualifier with a 3:27 PR. What's the most rewarding part of training? "Overcoming difficulties," he says.

Jorge Cortes

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Major milestone: I qualified for the Boston Marathon with a 3:27:12. (The qualifying standard for my age is 3:40).

What is the secret to your success? Set goals that are realistic, but aggressive. You have to push yourself.

What is the biggest obstacle to reaching your goals and how do you get over it? Time commitment. I always found excuses why I could not do it, and thought I did not have the time. I made the commitment to myself I would find the time, and I do. It’s up to me if I want to waste my time in other things. We always do, so it is a matter of priorities.

What is the most rewarding part of training? Overcoming difficulties. The success (beating your time, runs in perfect conditions, etc) are easy. I like it when it is hard, when I am tired, when you go against the wind or the heat or the humidity, and you still complete your training.

What advice would you give to other members of the runcoach community? Invite others who are not doing it!

What feedback would you offer on Runcoach? I love it. I started running in 2014 and Runcoach, which I found when I registered for the Houston Half Marathon. I went from being in no shape, and having zero experience, to running marathons the next year, then qualifying for Boston. Thank you!

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Last modified on June 14, 2017
Jennifer Van Allen

Jennifer Van Allen

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