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September 07, 2009

Brooke Wells- Entry #2

Written by Dena Evans

I have a mileage marker, that when I hit it, I feel it all over. Everything in life suddenly becomes… HARDER. I feel like I can’t put a work outfit together, I can’t properly address an email, I can’t keep my flats tied, and above all, I can’t get enough food or sleep. I feel like a total mess. I am now 4 weeks from Twin Cities and I have been consistently hitting high (for me) weekly mileage.  Last week during a threshold workout, I realized how much I am relying on the people around me to keep me going and to keep my head straight.

The day started like this:  The alarm goes off and the snooze button gets hit, not once, but twice. I have now begun preemptively setting the alarm clock 20 min earlier than I need to get up, just so I have the ability to snooze and get out of bed slowly. There are too may miles on my arches and calves to pop out of bed these days.

I get in an AM 4 mile run and come back to my apartment with 30 min to get ready for work. My boyfriend has left me GU’s and Cliff Bar energy bars on my bed so that I don’t forget to have a post run snack and have pre-workout goodies.

I actually caught the early trolley (usually have to take a “oh crap I’m late cab” to work) and walk up to my office door with pride. This was just in time to realize that I had forgotten my workout bag for the evening. So it was back home, in a cab, and then to my desk.  I have two very dear co-workers that cover for me on Tuesdays so I can leave work early. They also remind me to spell check and make sure I cc: the right people so I don’t loose my job while trying to get my workouts in.  I call Coach Tom at 3 and get him to “pump me up”. Many days when the miles get high, I feel that my adrenaline flame burns low.

At the workout, I jump in intervals with the Impalas, with my much speedier boyfriend( yes he will slow down for me) and with my Focus N’ Fly training partners.   I bummed a ride to dinner and then home with a friend.   Let’s sum this up: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8… at least 8 people that I am using as support to get me to the starting line in 4 weeks.  They all do this without a peep. They are the reason I am able to keep it together and not turn in to a hot mess of exhaustion.

I have 30 days. I can do this. I will think of each of these helpers each mile.

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Dena Evans

Dena Evans

Dena Evans joined runcoach in July, 2008 and has a wide range of experience working with athletes of all stripes- from youth to veteran division competitors, novice to international caliber athletes.

From 1999-2005, she served on the Stanford Track & Field/ Cross Country staff. Dena earned NCAA Women’s Cross Country Coach of the Year honors in 2003 as Stanford won the NCAA Division I Championship. She was named Pac-10 Cross Country Coach of the Year in 2003-04, and West Regional Coach of the Year in 2004.

From 2006-08, she worked with the Bay Area Women’s Sports Initiative, helping to expand the after school fitness programs for elementary school aged girls to Mountain View, East Menlo Park, and Redwood City. She has also served both the Stanford Center on Ethics and the Stanford Center on the Legal Profession as a program coordinator.

Dena graduated from Stanford in 1996.

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